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– Miriam Thomas


Gourmet Escape is fast approaching, and you can feel the energy buzzing around the Evans & Tate office. However, as unexpected as Guy Sebastian’s victory over Shannon Noll, a looming panic has set in as more event details are making their way around the office. How do you choose which events to attend? There are simply too many amazing activities and not enough hours in the day!

Because we care about your happiness & well being and wouldn’t wish this decision on our worst enemies, we’ve pulled together the top 5 events that you and your BFF need to include on your 2016 Gourmet Escape bucket list…


There’s no better way to embark on a journey of the senses than connecting with the land, it’s people and your stomach. Who better to teach you about the rich and wonderful history of the Margaret River Region than the Wadandi and Bibbulman people, who have walked this ancient land for over 50,000 years.

In this very special twilight event, curated for the festival and attended by festival guest chefs; you will embark on a bushwalk to forage for coastal bush foods, making your way into Ngilgi Cave to hear Dreamtime legends and a mesmerising didgeridoo performance.

Succumb to the food coma, you have a big weekend ahead of you.


  1.     MARGARET RIVER FARMERS’ MARKETS – Saturday Morning

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start your morning right with a trip to The Margaret River Farmers’ Market, which has been a feature of the Margaret River Region for over 13 years. On Saturday 19th November, the markets are hosting a special Gourmet Escape edition, featuring a cooking demonstration with Darren Robertson and hosted by Magdalena Roze. Did we mention that all the ingredients used will be sourced from the markets? Fun!

So live like a local and get amongst the bustling activity, incredible produce and Margaret River charm. You may even pick up a cooking trick or two to wow friends with!


  1.     STEINS IN THE VINES– Saturday Night

You can’t visit Margaret River without sampling some of the most incredible seafood you will ever experience. What Australian favourite, Rick Stein, doesn’t know about cooking fish and seafood really isn’t worth knowing! Lucky for us, and you, he is ready to tantalise taste buds at the second annual Steins in the Vines event!

Rick has thrown in two Steins for the price of one, by joining forces with his executive chef son, Jack Stein, to bring you an unbeatable fish feast that couldn’t be fresher, even if you caught it yourself*. So sit back, relax, take a cheeky selfie and enjoy the best winery that Margaret River has to offer (absolutely no bias here, we swear!).

*You could, but that’s time spent not drinking wine…



The festival is coming to a close and it’s time to end it with a BANG! All aboard the majestic Kimberley Quest II, where you will be treated like the VIPs that you are. Oliver Gould and the team from popular beachside diner, Shorehouse, will serenade your senses with the culinary equivalent of the Oscars, starring Western Australian seafood and produce. Plentiful roving canapés will be served with our premium wines, ensuring you feel like Beyoncé, enjoying a lazy Sunday on her private yacht.


  1.     The Chef’s Table – Monday

The event is over, the blues are setting in – what are you to do? Grab your BFF, some of your newly purchased Evans & Tate wine, and a tub of ice cream (which you say you won’t finish in one sitting, but we all know you will. This is a judgement-free zone!) and gorge on some of the greatest food-porn to ever grace your television. Netflix’s documentary series, Chef’s Table, has brought the lives, passions and travails of many global chefs into our living rooms and onto our screens in the most poetic and enigmatic of ways. You may even recognise a few faces from Gourmet Escape. So what are you waiting for?


Be sure to keep us in the loop with your Gourmet Escape adventures by using the hashtags #ShareTheMoment and #EvansandTate in your social posts!


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