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Classic Moscato paired with Chilli and Lime Linley Valley Pork Stir Fry

– Shu Ying Sengmany



This stir-fry recipe by Don Hancey is the perfect complement to our Evans & Tate Classic Moscato. The acidity and punch of the chilli and lime will beautifully balance out with the sweetness of the Moscato

“When it comes to bridging the gap between oriental cuisine and the world of wine, few styles are as versatile or as capable as Moscato. Its semi sweet disposition and full fruit flavour provide the perfect foil for so many Asian styles that it could easily be a first choice beverage in eateries from Agra to Zhengzhou. Pork stir fry embraces the tradition of pitting sweet, salt and sour condiments against a medley of fresh lively ingredients that still allow the protein to take centre stage. Moscato adds a seamless layer to the sensory experience without detracting from the personality of the dish in any way,” WA chef Don Hancey

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