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Evans & Tate at Noosa Food & Wine

– Shu Ying Sengmany


It’s no secret that here at Evans & Tate, we’re all about good food and wine. This year we went up to the Noosa Food & Wine 2016.

What an incredible weekend.

A huge thank you to all the organisers especially Tourism Noosa, who worked hard to make the last few days an absolute joy. Just look at our view from Peppers Noosa Resort.


One of the events we partnered up with was the Luke Mangan & David Rayner dinner at Thomas Corner Eatery. While the dinner was a celebration of their 25 years of friendship, the food itself was an ode to the incredible flavours that the local land could produce. As a wine company who strives to paint a clear regional story in every bottle of wine, we love that philosophy.

Upon arrival, we were treated to our Classic sparkling paired with avocado/salmon tartlets and tiny cups of potato soup with truffle. Sounds strange but sparkling with that cup of truffle soup was life changing, which reaffirms my nugget of wisdom to all you amateur cooks out there: When in doubt, truffle it out. But like all my worldly advice, take it with a pinch of salt.


The first course was a beautiful asparagus salad with soft, creamy Woombye feta, a perfect complement to our Classic Sparkling.


The next dish was probably the highlight. Juicy prawns with coconut yoghurt, chilli balanced by the kaffir lime. This was paired with our 2011 Redbrook Chardonnay. Not to blow our horn or anything, but I was amazed by this wine. Considering it was five years old, it looks like it was bottled yesterday with plenty of fruit characters left but those secondary flavours really rounds it out, adding depth and complexity.



We then had the duck breast with maple and lavender paired with our Redbrook Shiraz 2012. Really can’t go wrong with duck breast and our unique style of Shiraz.



For dessert, it was this gorgeous dome of finger lime mousse with dragon fruit sauce paired with our Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2012. Talk about a rare wine!



We also had a tasting table at the Sheraton Wine Tasting Quarter featuring:

1. Metricup Road Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2015

2. Metricup Road Chardonnay 2015

3. Metricup Road Shiraz 2014

4. Breathing Space Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

It was absolutely amazing to meet all of 300+ of you. Evans & TASTE madness indeed.


Looking forward to seeing you all again next year!



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