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Food matching recipes for Metricup Road Wines

– Michael Fitzgibbon


With the launch of our new look, new vintage Metricup Road wines from Evans & Tate, we’ve called on the services of chef and WA food ambassador Don Hancey to give us some recipes for food ideally matched to each of the new wines. Download the recipes and try them out today.

Mount Barker Roast Chicken - click to download recipe

Mount Barker Roast Chicken

Matches to: Metricup Road Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

Few wine blends define a winemaking region as definitively as the Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Blends of Margaret River. Free range chicken is a culinary canvas that is as much about texture as flavour which truly mirrors the defining features of this blend. Lemon Myrtle & Thyme are brushstroke flavours that work with the acidity of the Sauvignon Blanc creating a lovely savoury and cleansing sensation with every mouthful The creamy characteristic of the Kipfler potato is a perfect match for the barrel ferment Semillon creating a memorable mid palate weight and linger of flavours that make this side dish a star in its own right.

Download full recipe>>

Coconut crumbed Geographe Bay Whiting Fillets

Matches to: Metricup Road Chardonnay

Our 2014 Chardonnay is a sum of the parts and between the cold press juice, the wild yeast ferment and deft use of French oak we have a wine that embraces a range of flavours especially when they are adventurous Whiting is an incredibly versatile fish renowned for its mouth feel and light nutty flavours. Contrast is the key as the coconut provides the perfect foil for the crisp lively combination of apple & mint. The barrel ferment characters of the chardonnay all come into play with hints of cashew, stone fruit and spiciness of oak creating a layering effect that unfolds over the course of the meal.

Download recipe>>

Linley Valley Pork Rib Eye Roast - click to download recipe

Linley Valley Pork Rib Eye Roast

Matches to: Metricup Road Shiraz

This is an extremely clever dish where fruit is the hero both in the glass and on the plate. Through the alchemy of roasting, apple becomes the intersection where food, wine and seasoning all meet to create a myriad of combinations that set this wine alight. This Shiraz has a naturally occurring plum and briar fruit character that interacts with the caramelised apple and allspice to create an almost confectionary background to the dish. Sublime roast and savoury flavours mingle with the smokiness of the pork to underscore the earthiness of the region and complete what is a genuinely well rounded dining experience.

Download recipe>>

Slow Braised Harvey Beef Cassoulet - click to download recipe

Slow Braised Harvey Beef Cassoulet

Matches to: Metricup Road Cabernet Merlot

Few wine styles provide the comfort and enjoyment of a traditional Bordeaux blend. It is therefore not surprising that they work so well with comfort foods across the globe. Cassoulet is the art of extracting the essence of a chosen meat and then building its personality though an integration of complimentary flavours & textures. The fennel infused beef and cabernet form the backbone of flavours however the softness of the Merlot still allows the melody of vegetables to be heard. Fine grained tannins temper the natural acidity of the tomato which creates for a rich flavoursome dish that compliments this wine by every measure.

Download recipe>>

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  • Jean McRae says:

    They look very impressive. I would like to try

  • Paul Richardson says:

    We had to try after we saw the photos, the Whiting was crunchy with great flavours and the salad a delight balanced well with the chardy.

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