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Planning a Classic night in

– George Stupart


Some days there seems to be more time devoted to talking and writing about wine than actually sitting down and enjoying the stuff. At Evans & Tate we pride ourselves on producing wines of integrity that capture the essence of the grape, the region and most importantly, the consumer. We also pride ourselves on having a range of wines that are regionally authentic, readily accessible and great value for money.

With this mission in mind, we have crafted the Margaret River Classic range for everyday people who love a glass of wine with everyday food.

Now that the hard works done, grab a glass, fill a plate and enjoy!



2011 Cabernet Merlot & Thyme Infused Mushroom Risotto

Recipe by WA chef – Don Hancey

It’s not often that we write the words rice and Cabernet Merlot in the same sentence, but when it works, who are we to judge? Arborio is not just about weight and texture, it is also about its capacity to absorb and transfer the flavours around it. The earthiness of the mushroom creates a sense of depth in the dish in the same manner that the cabernet does for the wine. The peripheral presence of thyme and parmesan provide an added dimension that works hand in hand with the fine grained tannins of the Merlot. For lack of a better descriptor, this new classic combination is “meat for vegetarians”

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