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Top Adventure Activities in Margaret River



As well as boasting some of the best wine and food in the country, Margaret River also has a range of activities to offer those out for something a little more adventurous! So put away the picnic basket and pull out the hiking boots and surfboards, this is our list of the top adventure activities in Margaret River.


1. Caving

For those who don’t have a problem being in small places, the Margaret River region has some of the most beautiful and unique cave systems in all of Australia. The main caves are Lake, Mammoth, Moondyne and Jewel, each offering something a little different to the adventurous visitor! The tours are all run by experienced and knowledgeable staff, giving you an amazing insight into the science and history behind these magnificent natural wonders. There are tours and caves for all ages and abilities, so get in contact with CaveWorks to figure out which one is best for you!


2. Skydiving


Evans & Tate - Skydiving


They say that you’ll never feel more alive than when you jump out of a plane… If you’re game enough to test that, there is no better place to go skydiving that in Margaret River, where your rapid descent to the ground will give you some of the most amazing views in the region… If you’re not too scared to notice them! Give the crew at Southern Skydivers a call or see their website to plan your jump!


3. Abseiling and rock climbing 

For the true adrenalin junkies, there are fewer better rushes than scaling a cliff or dropping off one! Margaret River offers some beautiful, ocean side cliffs that make for some of the most inspiring rock climbing and abseiling in the country. There are tours and courses for all levels of experience, from beginner to expert, so get in touch with the crew at Margaret River Climbing Co to find the perfect climbing or abseiling experience.


4. Helicopter Tours


Evans & Tate - Helicopter Margaret River


It is well known that Margaret River is one of the most beautiful parts of Australia. From vineyards and bushand to stunning beaches and raw oceanside cliffs, the region offers a bit of everything. And there is no better way to see it than from a helicopter! Before you write it off as too expensive, make sure you explore the options available… This once in a lifetime experience might be more affordable than you think. We recommend the team at Wild Blue Helicopters.


5. Mountain Bike Tours

The rugged landscape of the Margaret River region makes for a pretty amazing mountain biking trail! For those looking to mix adventure and nature with a bit of good old fashioned exercise, mountain biking is for you! The Team at Dirty Detours cater to all levels of mountain biking, from beginner to expert, so put your helmet on and get involved!


6. Learn to Surf

Everybody in Australia should know how to surf… And everybody in Australia has said a million times that they are going to learn how to surf. But how many actually do? This is your chance! And what better place to learn than the stunning coastline of Margaret River? Whether it’s your very first attempt or you’ve dabbled in the past, the team at Yallingup can have you hanging ten in no time. The Margaret River Surf School are another great option! They both offer private and group lessons for varying lengths of time.


7. Diving


Evans & Tate - Diving Margaret River


Diving is one of the most exciting and awe-inspiring adventure activities you’ll ever take part in. The beautiful ocean along the Margaret River region is the perfect place to learn or have another go. The Busselton Jetty offers an array of maritime life and is a great place to learn to dive, while more experienced divers can head out to the reef systems and even dive the sunken naval ship the HMS Swan! For the incredibly adventurous, you can even go diving at night time! Call the crew at the Dive Shed to find out more.


8. Whale Watching

For those looking for something a little more relaxing, a whale watching cruise is perfect. From a luxury vessel you can observe and photograph the maritime wildlife of Western Australia, including whales, dolphins, seals and a huge variety of birds. Call the team at Naturaliste Charters or look at their website to see prices and times!




We have lots more information on visiting the beautiful Margaret River here. 


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