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two’s company

– Shu Ying Sengmany


Any eagle eye Evans & Tate fans out there? Did you notice our latest wines at your local Dan Murphy’s?

Picture this: You got the bright idea to be the one to bring the wines at this house party. Sometimes you just hate your past self. Seriously, buying the right wine to please everyone is a daunting task. You reach over to get a bottle of Shiraz but Martha’s voice pips up in your head, “I don’t drink Shiraz”. Since this party is at Martha’s house, you can’t tell her to get out.

You have two options. Forego this week’s rent to buy a boot full of wine to please everyone or embrace the spirit of the ‘Porque no los dos’ girl and go for a blend where you get the best of everything.

These new wines celebrate the art of blending and the Western Australian’s hero varietals. The end wine is packed with flavours which goes well with most meals or just enjoy it alone with good company.

The Evans & Tate two’s company west coast white blend is a perfect combination of crisp Sauvignon, crunchy Chenin and complex Chardonnay. Aromas of grass, lime, fig is overlaid with rockmelon and apple characters. Dry and refreshing, this wine goes with salads, light meats and fish.

The Evans & Tate two’s company west coast red blend is a mouth-watering and savoury blend of bitey Cabernet, bold Merlot and bright Shiraz. The lifted berry, bloom plum, maraschino cherry with a touch of savoury flavours makes this wine perfect with pizza, barbecued meats and pasta.

A more serious explanation on why you should go for a blend:

One of the disadvantages of having straight varietals is that depending on the vintage – the flavour, acidity, sugar level and alcohol level could vary. By blending, the winemaker could create wines that taste consistent year after year. It is really an art form when the winemakers blend different varietals to create a balanced wine where each component still shines. The end result is a wine that taste better than drinking each part on its own. Just like how Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

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