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Warm Days Chilled Out Sauvignon Blanc & Cool Nights Warm-hearted Shiraz

– Shu Ying Sengmany


Did you notice the newest members of the Evans & Tate family at your local Liquorland?

Introducing Warm Days Chilled Out Sauvignon Blanc & Cool Nights Warm-hearted Shiraz!

A celebration of the maritime climate of Margaret River where the warm days and cool nights allow us to consistently create wines with sublime elegance and intense fruit flavours.



There is no word more evocative than Summer.

As a kid, I remember eating ice blocks on the heated side paths with the neighbourhood kids. We would breathe in the soupy air and laugh at each other’s colourful tongues. Summer means long days punctuated by lazy afternoons spent at the beach. Summer pop with saccharine messages about teenage love will be on replay. The season is all about good vibes, great company and spontaneous road trips.

Tasting note: Gorgeous aromas of lemon grass, lime zest, fig and lychee fills the nose. The wine enters with a burst of lime juice and tropical fruit flavours. The mid palate having lovely succulence before the wine finishes with tremendous freshness and length of flavour.

Food pairing: Refreshing on its own or with beach side nibbles .

Setting pairing: Glorious days spent with friends on the beach.



When I told my co-workers I would be picking mushrooms in a forest with my friends over the Easter break, many were genuinely concerned for my life. I casually shrugged and replied, “You got to risk it to get the biscuit.” In the midst of explaining to them that there is a fine line between deliciousness and death, George (our brand manager) recounted his own mushroom picking story. The Evans & Tate team is basically a bunch of daredevils.

Armed with some basic knowledge: only pick mushrooms that are chai latte in colour, do not pick poisonous mushrooms and safety in numbers, we took a four hour drive to the forest-only to discover that there were no mushrooms.

Not a single one.

But we saw kangaroos hopping through the pine trees, drove past awe-inspiring landscapes, inadvertently got into a car chase, and checked each other for leeches… all classic friendship bonding exercises.

We sipped on wine while the sun was setting over the mountain range. As I looked around at my friends with a wheel of brie in hand, I had the sudden compulsion to Instagram this moment with some inspirational quote, “It’s about the journey not the destination” followed by these hashtags #inspo #deep etc. However, that would require me letting go of this wheel of brie. Oh, and it was important to live in the moment.

Tasting note: Soft, luxurious and long – fleshy ripe fruit of mulberry and plums fill the palate with a lovely spice and earthy layer in the wine adding depth and complexity.

Food pairing: A wheel of brie and duck sandwiches that Jo made with love.

Setting pairing: Twilight picnic with friends.




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