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Win a case of the Best in Show

– Michael Fitzgibbon


In celebration of its award-winning ways, we are giving you the chance to win a 6-bottle case of 2013 Evans & Tate Metricup Road Semillon Sauvignon Blanc.

To enter, simply add a caption to our image (insert your caption as a comment below). The most creative answer as judged by our panel will win a case of 2013 Metricup Road SSB.

For competition Terms and Conditions, please click here.


See what Evans & Tate Chief Winemaker Matt Byrne says about the 2013 Metricup Road Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

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  • Iain Hoy says:

    Make a date with Evans & Tate

  • Celia Handley says:

    Wine time is always play time!

  • Geoff Hamence says:

    All that glitters is gold …. and trophies and silver!

  • Mitchell Fleming says:

    With chicken, fish or by itself. A great companion on all occasions.

  • Gary Rowe says:

    Lazy dog day afternoons with Evans and Tate.

  • George Lawrence-Brown says:

    If you come through the door,I’ll give you my paw

  • Peter Fearon says:

    You can’t beat a great WA SSB
    especially from Evans & Tate
    so you see
    to drink this will be a real treat.

  • Ross Martin says:

    On a golden ride down the Margaret River with Evans & Tate

  • col Spence says:

    I’M Waiting

  • Charles McShane says:

    Don’t eat the green ones, they’re not ripe yet!

  • Eriin Gould says:

    To enter you must throw it…or you’ll get a different kind of wine! (whine)

  • Torben Christensen says:

    Sip Evans & Tate for your tastebuds to sate.

  • Eugene Henry says:

    A door half open is a glass half full!

  • rod varley says:

    I always have a BALL when I open a bottle of Evans & Tate wine.

  • Richard Smith says:

    I’ll take the ball, you grab the SSB

  • Lorene Lewington says:

    Remember your promise to play ball with me after you’ve finished drinking your Evans and Tate??

  • David Bisiker says:

    Wow! doesn’t get any better than this

  • E Elliott says:

    Great , I see that you are celebrating my ball catching skills with the best wine ever (Evans and Tate) without me!!

  • Nadia Zweck says:

    I said “A bottle of brut.”
    Not “Ball and be cute.”

  • Richard Mason says:

    Len would have been proud to serve this, you should be too.

  • Mark Galbraith says:

    Just you. Just me. And SSB…

  • Rachel K says:

    Evan’s and Tate are always on the ball – no dregs, no drool!

  • Bette Coburn says:

    Evans and Tate…. the fetching alternative !

  • kevin moffat says:

    another day at the office

  • Derek Housego says:

    Here, I’ve brought you the evidence so I deserve to win my case.

  • Brian Foote says:

    Welcome wine buff. Play ball with me before you taste our excellent wines.

  • jason moran says:

    I know you’re drinking Gold medal Evans & Tate,
    I know it’s superb, so I’m happy to wait.


    Forget competitions, play ball and I’ll take you to my secret entrance to the cellar!

  • Lynn Nadjarian says:

    Maate!! Put down that Gold Medal Evans & Tate!

  • Val says:

    Your serve’s inside. Advantage you.

  • Karen Aubrey says:

    Fancy leaving me to guard the wine!!!!!!

  • Lindy says:

    Mmmm! Lime green, well rounded, has picked up some grassy notes with quite a ballsy finish. Hard to put down.

  • Michael L says:

    E&T Metricup SSB – gold worth seeking, sniffer dog available for assistance, will cost one fetch to show you to the gold

  • susan mitchell says:

    Play? Play play play play play 🙂

  • Kathy R says:

    So, that’s me sorted. What are you having?

  • Theres no wine in this ball!!

  • Tracey says:

    I’m having a ball here!

  • Paul - cave man says:

    Come and have a BALL, at Evans & Tate cellar door!

  • Michael @ Evans & Tate says:

    Congratulations to our winner Lindy for her imaginative and creative caption entry.. .”Mmmm! Lime green, well rounded, has picked up some grassy notes with quite a ballsy finish. Hard to put down.” Enjoy your wine.

    And thank you to everyone else who took the time to enter our competition – we enjoyed reading your entries.

    Michael Fitzgibbon (on behalf of Evans & Tate)

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