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    2016 was overall a very distinctive vintage! It was the earliest ever; with the final white grapes picked on Tuesday 1st March and the first of the red grapes picked on Thursday 3rd March.

    A dry and warm Spring and Summer meant vintage was tracking very early however some tropical rains in late January of roughly 70 – 80mm across the region pushed back our harvest dates slightly. The red grapes, especially Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, very much appreciated this rainfall. And fortunately, the rain was early enough to avoid damage to the ripening grapes and it was followed by a spell of warm, dry weather with fresh sea breezes, which dried out the vineyards and thus resulted in yet another ‘lucky’ vintage in Margaret River!

    Chardonnay was the pick of the white varieties with extraordinarily rich and ripe flavours, wonderful depth and extraordinary length - at some of the lowest Baume levels we have seen - at 11.8-12.0 (compared with an average 12.5- 13 Baume)! Sauvignon Blanc stood out also; with elegant tropical and citrus aromatics and sublime length of flavour.

    Cabernet Sauvignon looked exceptional from early on with some of the smallest, thickest skinned berries for many years. This resulted in wonderfully intense and concentrated berry fruit characters, powerful, ripe tannins and intense length of flavours. In time, 2016 may well be known as one of the greatest Cabernet Sauvignon vintages!

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    A challenging vintage for Margaret River where the early months were challenged by rain which impacted on flowering and fruit set in the vines leading to lower yields on average. However, from December to March, the region moved into weather that Margaret River is renowned for. Four months where the temperatures were right on the long-term average with no spikes and lovely cool nights, with a period of 10 consecutive days of very special and well-timed warm weather in late January into early February.

    A couple of significant rain events post-harvest will set the vines up well for the 2016 vintage.

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    The exceptional 2014 vintage started in September 2013 where rainfall for this month was over double the long term average – a great start to the season to set up the vines. This was followed by very dry but not hot conditions (utopia for wine grape growing). The slow even rate of ripening meant harvest decisions were very precise with the result being exceptionally balanced juices and wines.

    Name Varietal Drinking Window
    Metricup Road Semillon Sauvignon Blanc The wine provides excellent flavour right now but will reach its peak in 2016+
    Metricup Road Chardonnay This wine is drinking well now but careful cellaring until 2017+ will be rewarded.
    Breathing Space Sauvignon Blanc 2014-2016
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    The 2013 vintage saw a very low yielding, primarily due to rain during flowering and a November storm that caused significant damage across the vineyards. However there was a superb ripening season, with no significant heat spikes across the Margaret River region.

    The Chardonnay and Shiraz varieties are particular highlights of the vintage.

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    The sixth consecutive Margaret River vintage to be rated as excellent. More ‘typical’ than the previous year, with less intense heat events and cooler nights. The wines have the elegance of 2010 with the power of 2011.

    Name Varietal Drinking Window
    The Evans & Tate Cabernet Sauvignon Will cellar beyond 2028
    Estate Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc NOW-2019
    Breathing Space Sauvignon Blanc NOW-2015
    Breathing Space Pinot Gris NOW-2014
    Margaret River Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc NOW
    Frankland River Riesling NOW-2022
    Classic Sauvignon Blanc NOW
    Classic Pink Moscato White Frontignac and Gordo NOW-2016
    Gnangara Sauvignon Blanc NOW
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    A generally warm vintage suited to the red varieties. They showcase many of the elements of the 2007 wines but with more elegance.

    Name Varietal Drinking Window
    Breathing Space Cabernet Sauvignon NOW-2018
    Margaret River Malbec 2015-2020
    Porongurup Pinot Noir NOW-2015
    Pemberton Chardonnay NOW-2022
    Classic Shiraz NOW-2014
    Classic Chardonnay NOW-2016
    Classic Cabernet Merlot NOW-2018
    Gnangara Unwooded Chardonnay NOW
    Gnangara Cabernet Sauvignon NOW-2015
    Gnangara Shiraz NOW
    Gnangara Cabernet Merlot NOW
    Metricup Road Semillon Sauvignon Blanc NOW-2017
    Metricup Road Cabernet Merlot NOW-2017
    Split River Cabernet Sauvignon NOW-2015
    Split River Shiraz NOW
    Split River Sauvignon Blanc NOW